Balparmak Special Flavors Series / Regional

Balparmak, the honey experts, conducted research in 48 different regions in Turkey to bring together the most ideal flower tastes in the Regional Honey series.

Available under the name Balparmak Regional Honey, these delectable honeys, each with their own distinct aromas and flavors, are selected from five different regions in Turkey (Şemdinli, Muş, Yüksekova, Kayseri and Bingöl), and gathered only from the wild flowers of these regions’ plateaus and plains.

  • Balparmak Bingöl

    Balparmak Bingöl

    Approximately 1000 different varieties of wild flowers, 109 of which are endemic to Turkey, grow in the Bingöl Mountains that cut across Bingöl province.

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  • Balparmak Kayseri

    Balparmak Kayseri

    Kayseri province, which includes important plant areas such as Mount Erciyes and Sultan Morass, is home to approximately 2000 species of flowering plants, 400 of which are rare and endemic.

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  • Balparmak Muş

    Balparmak Muş

    The Muş Plain, one of Turkey’s largest, is home to a special kind of flora. The plains of the province, which are famous for the endemic Muş tulip, are rich in floral diversity and provide the bees with an abundant source of nectar and pollen.

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  • Balparmak Yüksekova

    Balparmak Yüksekova

    Yüksekova in Hakkari province is a mountainous region with an average elevation of 1,950 meters (6,400 feet).

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  • Balparmak Şemdinli

    Balparmak Şemdinli

    Şemdinli is home to a variety of unique natural vegetation. The region is rich in rare plant species and species endemic to Turkey.

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