Why Analysed Honey?

Natural honey is defined as honey whose only source is nature.  It is impossible to discern whether or not honey has been adulterated through the taste, smell or appearance of the honey. The only way to tell is to analyze it.


This requires determining the regions and beekeepers from which the product is procured, and making this information accessible to the consumer at any time. The tests must be conducted in an accredited laboratory that specializes in the subject of honey, to ensure the reliability of the results. The analysis must examine whether or not the honey is genuine. To do this, the lab must analyze the percentage of C4 sugars (IRMS), HMF, proline, diastase, moisture, conductivity, and sugar composition (fructose, glucose, sucrose, maltose, turanose).  The honey must also be analyzed organoleptically, and the chemical analysis results have to be compatible with the organoleptical results. After determining that the product is authentic and natural, the lab must perform a residue analysis test. Merely testing for naphthalene is not sufficient within the scope of a residue analysis. At the very least, the analysis must test for sulfadimidine (sulfamethazine), tetracycline and streptomycin residues, all of which are commonly found in Turkey. It is of utmost importance that an experienced team specializing in honey evaluates the results of the analysis as every type of honey has different physicochemical and organoleptic characteristics. In order to determine the origin of the honey, the lab must also identify which flowers the bees collected the nectar from by doing a pollen analysis.


The analysis report that will appear below shows that the honey from the specified batch conforms to the Turkish Food Codex so that you can consume our unadulterated and pure (healthy and natural) honey with confidence.

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