Balparmak Apitera - Apimix (Royal Jelly - Honey - Pollen - Propolis) Jar

Product Content: Honey 86.75%, Royal Jelly 5%, Pollen 7.5%, Propolis 0.75%

Consumption Suggestion: Take in the morning before breakfast in order to maximize the benefits of the product’s nutritional properties. In order to see the effects of the product, it is recommended that you consume the product regularly for 4-6 weeks.

Recommended Daily Usage Amount: Adults can take 18 grams per day (Approximately 2.5 teaspoons)

Children (5-12 years old) can take 6 grams per day (Approximately .75 teaspoons) (.2 grams for every kilogram that the child weighs).

Warnings: People with bee sting allergies, asthma or other high-risk allergies should not consume this product.  Consult a doctor before giving to children under the age of five.

Storage Conditions: Keep the product refrigerated. Consume within six months after opening. Protect from light and heat. The refrigerated (4-8°C) shelf life of this product is 18 months.