Balparmak Golden Harvest Pine Honey

The secret of a good life, from antiquity onwards, Balparmak Pine Honey is a special and rare honey collected from the fabled region of Halicarnassus,  in the heart of ancient Caria.

Today, Halicarnassus has become Bodrum, one of the best-known touristic destinations in Turkey.

Pine honey is an ancient legacy, an elixir which has survived from the times of the Carian civilization to the present day. Pine Honey has been a sign of prosperity and well-being in the Aegean for centuries.

This precious honey was the secret behind Aphrodite’s beauty, Pythagoras’s mathematical genius and the health of Hippocrates.

An exquisite treat, the distillate of an ancient wisdom, once the daily food of kings and nobles, is now yours to enjoy as Balparmak Pine Honey. 
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Balparmak Golden Harvest Pine Honey is a special brand of pine honey handled with meticulous care. This honey is produced from beehives in Halicarnassus Region’s forests by transient beekeepers.

Honey is extracted from the combs, with straining process. This extraction is repeated in various phases around the year.

The initial phase of the straining starts with blossom honey (honey from the flowers of many different plants), from April till August. Then the beekepers move to Southwestern territories in Turkey, where the majority of pine trees exist and where the weather conditions best fit.

Then there starts the pine honey harvest. Bees, at this stage, still maintain traces of previous blossom harvests in their hives. Since the honey is blended with polyflora honey, it is not 100% pure pine honey, yet.

Blossom honey traces are all gone by the time of the second straining. This second phase of honey collection is a golden opportunity.  It contains only the purest blend of pine honey, and is produced in limited amounts as Balparmak Pine Honey - Golden Harvest.

  • Unique and deliciously rich tasting honey.
  • Rich in proteins and antioxidants.
  • Anti-aging features.
  • Late Crystallization.
  • Tested to ensure 100% purity and naturalness.
  • Authentic and traceable back to the beekepers.
  • Balparmak Golden Harvest 225 g

    Balparmak Golden Harvest 225 g

  • Balparmak Golden Harvest 350 g

    Balparmak Golden Harvest 350 g

  • Balparmak Golden Harvest 460 g

    Balparmak Golden Harvest 460 g

  • Balparmak Golden Harvest 600 g

    Balparmak Golden Harvest 600 g