Why Balparmak?

““To preserve the naturalness and purity of honey, the world’s most miraculous food, and to make it an indispensable staple of quality living, thus putting a richly deserved premium on honey.” ”


Balparmak, which set out on this mission many years ago, is now Turkey’s strongest and leading brand in the food sector’s honey category. The company is known as the honey experts, and is referred to for this expertise.


This is because Balparmak;


  • Carefully sources and analyzes certified, uncontaminated honeys that have been tested for naturalness and purity from the country’s best honey-producing regions.

  • Takes special care to produce blends that have consistent tastes, and offers trustworthy products packaged under hygienic conditions

  • Owns Turkey’s only, and one of Europe’s four most comprehensive bee product-specific laboratories. At the state-of-the-art HONEY SCIENCE CENTER (Balparmak APİLAB AR-GE and Quality Control Laboratory) Balparmak analyzes 122 parameters, 92 of which are in honey and 30 in other products. Every product must pass these rigorous analyses before reaching consumers.

  • Offers a range of equally and consistently high quality products that speak to different consumer needs. Balparmak is 100% natural.

  • Is innovative, carefully taking into consideration the needs of consumers with easy-to-use packaging such as the Snap & Squeeze and the Balparmak Twist Top.

  • Devotes special attention to children, offering them kid-friendly products (Honeybana Balparmak) to help them enjoy eating honey, an important part of a balanced diet.

  • Continues to carefully exercise its expertise in honey with its Apitera Series and other bee products. (Royal Jelly, Propolis, Pollen)

  • Maintains strong relationships based on trust not only with consumers but also with honey producers. One of the company’s main objectives is to contribute to the advancement of the beekeepers.

  • Raises consumer awareness about why it is necessary to choose authentic, branded, and tested honey by passing on to them the experience gained through years of research carried out for the sake of producing pure, natural honey of the highest quality.