Balparmak Citrus Honey 460 g

Glass Jar
29.90 TL

Trace your honey!

It is now very easy to view the analysis report and flower origins of each Balparmak honey jar you buy. Just scan the QR code on the label with your smart phone, and there you are!

If you wish, you may test it with the code on the screen.
  • Features
  • Invite the natural flavor of Mediterranean citrus gardens into your home with Balparmak Citrus Honey. The refreshing aroma and uniquely mild taste of this luminous honey is sure to brighten up the breakfast table. You can happily add this sweet, low-glycemic citrus flavor to healthy recipes. Its naturally occurring aromatic compounds make Citrus Honey an unrivaled treat.

  • When consumed alone, you will enjoy the unique taste of Balparmak Citrus Honey.
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