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Balparmak Leaf Logo
Our Vision
Balparmak Leaf
To be the first-choice company for potential workers able to carry out the vision of the Balparmak brand.
Our Mission
To create a team comprised of happy, highly productive workers who are sincerely committed to their job and workplace.

Our Values

  • • Quality Centrality
  • • Customer Centrality
  • • Innovativeness
  • • Scientificity
  • • Honesty
  • • Fairness
  • • Tolerance
  • • Reliability
  • • Transparency
  • • Respecting People and the Environment
Our Policy
The aim of our Human Resources Policy is to meet the needs of our workforce, and to hire and retain this valuable resource in the most efficient way. With this in mind, our primary duties are to
  • • Facilitate the hiring of personnel who are on board with our company’s goals and strategies
  • • Make sure our employees are happy at work, and get satisfaction from the job they do by paying special attention to their personal motivation and their loyalty to Balparmak
  • • Maximize our employees’ contributions to the company and to themselves by encouraging the most efficient use of their knowledge, skills, and competencies
  • • Support personal and professional development through continuous training,
  • • Follow a transparent and open management policy towards our employees
  • • Ensure the creation and continuation of a safe, healthy, comfortable and efficient work environment
Our Human Resource Management Process
The aim of the “Human Resource Management” process is to address issues regarding potential (applicants) and existing (employees) human resources in accordance with our Human Resource Policy and our strategic goals. The successful implementation of this process results in
  • • Identifying, planning and administering the Human Resources strategic goals
  • • Doing organizational layout and providing job title standardization
  • • Drafting a work force/permanent staff plan
  • • Performing job analyses and making job descriptions
  • • Managing hiring and end-of-employment processes,
  • • Developing and carrying out performance management systems
  • • Identifying employee training needs and implementing training and development plans
  • • Identifying, evaluating and developing competencies
  • • Developing and implementing career management and backup systems
  • • Measuring employee satisfaction and making improvement plans
  • • Organizing intercompany communication and motivation activities
  • • Establishing and developing a payment and fringe benefit system for employees
  • • Identifying, assessing and documenting human resource performance criteria
  • • Checking compliance to the disciplinary process and workplace rules
  • • Implementing occupational health and safety operations
  • • Facilitating the set-up and management of the HR systems as part of the ISO Integrated system
  • • Facilitating the uninterrupted and quality rendering of personnel services by working closely with the Administrative Affairs department
  • • Increasing the use of technology to expedite the productive and effective implementation of HR processes
  • • Organizing various other employee-related activities
Selection and Placement
Starting with our vision, “to be the first choice company for potential workers able to carry out the vision of the Balparmak brand,” and through the principle of “the right person for the right job,” our greatest priority is to hire applicants who, like Balparmak, are dedicated to being the best at the job they do, possess the values and competencies of Balparmak, and take pride in being part of Balparmak.

Our hiring process begins with the announcement of job openings that correspond with the needs of the company and our permanent employee plan. These announcements are made within the company and on, as well as through contractual HR portals. Employees can apply for a different position that corresponds to their career plans and professional background, or they can submit their CVs upon request either by hand to the Human Resources Department, or by email to [email protected]

HR selects applicants from among the applications submitted to our job openings, inviting those who possess the position requirements to a job interview. After filling out the Balparmak Application Form, applicants who attend a job interview may undergo a general competency test, personality test, competency inventory, foreign language test, and professional competency test for the specified position.

During the interview process, a Human Resources representative gives applicants a “Strengths-based Interview.” The General Manager and the relevant Department Manager also give them a “Professional Qualification-based Interview.” After applicants are deemed a good fit, HR makes inquiries into their references.
Performance Management System
Our company implements the “Goals, Competencies, and Responsibilities-based Performance Management System” for the purpose of rallying around common goals and strengths, and to manage and actualize these company and employee goals. Employee goals are created on a departmental basis in accordance with the departmental and company goals of Balparmak, and their progress in implementation is monitored and evaluated.

In addition, Balparmak systematically evaluates the development capacity and success that employees have achieved at their jobs and to what extent their competencies, which are determined on the basis of job title, conform to the requirements and qualifications of the job. These requirements and qualifications are defined in the “Balparmak Competency Guide,” which outlines these competencies, and how they are evaluated. The company determines areas that are strong and open to development.

Lastly, the company evaluates the degree to which employees fulfill their primary responsibilities, which have been outlined along with their goals. The weighted average of all evaluations will determine the employee’s ultimate performance level.

The results of the performance evaluation are used in determining training needs, and in career management, compensation, and reward-punishment studies.
Training and Development
At Balparmak, “our most valuable asset is our human resources.”

We make it our priority to contribute to our employees’ happiness and personal development as well as to their professional development. To this end, the Human Resources Department, in conjunction with the relevant departments, offers a “Basic Orientation Program” primarily to help new employees adapt more easily to Balparmak and their jobs.

In addition to the “Welcome Aboard” presentation, which provides basic introductory information about the company, the Human Resources Department program also provides Laboratories and Filling Facilities orientation, Product and Quality Training, Occupational Health and Safety Training, Hygiene and Cleanliness Training, and ERP Training.

The “Balparmak Academy” offers Personal and Professional Development Training, which includes competency training aimed at developing the Balparmak Core Competencies (quality and outcome centrality, customer centrality, innovativeness, leadership, management, negotiation skills, etc.), advanced-level computer training, and foreign language training, among others.

Training Needs are determined according to the training need analysis conducted during the performance evaluation process, as well as to needs that periodically arise. The Human Resources Department and the relevant Department Manager make an “Annual Training Plan” for every department. Those who want to participate in trainings not included in the Training Plans can submit a Training Request Form to the Human Resources Department.

We strive to completely implement the Annual Training Plans and to completely fulfill all our training needs.
Career Management
As employees reach certain levels of experience and knowledge in their position, assume greater roles and responsibilities, and take major steps in their careers, the company supports and manages their trajectory within the framework of the “Career Management and Backup System,” and in accordance with the needs of the organization. Taking into consideration the interests and expectations determined in the career interviews, the system then enables employees, who have the required competency and qualifications, to make lateral or vertical moves to vacant positions or to positions that need to be backed up.
Salary and Fringe Benefit System
Our company implements a Level-based Compensation System that allows us to be competitive in the marketplace. Under this system, we rank positions using “Job Matching Methodology.” We arrive at equivalent market rate salaries on the basis of a position’s sector and function (type of job) by taking market wage research into account, and create salary tiers for each level and position.

Salary increases occur once a year, and take into consideration criteria such as the annual inflation rate, market conditions, regional factors and the employee’s job significance, responsibilities, goals, performance, seniority, and job change.

Once a year the company rewards successful personnel once a year according to the results of the “Goals, Competencies, and Responsibilities-based Performance Management System.” Personnel who have achieved success in various projects and competitions are also rewarded according to the situation.

In addition to salary, we offer our employees various fringe benefits including private health insurance, food service/card, fuel assistance, company car, mobile phone and/or telephone line, depending on the needs of their position. We also offer employee shuttle service to certain places on Istanbul’s Anatolian side, which currently include Kartal, Zeynep Kamil, Sultanbeyli,and İçerenköy.
Employee Satisfaction Research
Once a year we conduct an “Employee Satisfaction Survey” in order to understand and increase our employees’ satisfaction. We then design and implement action plans to make improvements according to the results of the research.
Intercompany Communication and Motivational Activities
Our Sixth Sense Club organizes intercompany communication activities and motivational events to strengthen communication between our employees, to help our personnel understand and get to know one another, and to reinforce a sense of “We-ness” and “Team Spirit.”

We regularly post new employee announcements as well as personal life-event announcements (marriages, births, deaths in the immediate family, birthdays) on our intranet page, which every employee has access to.

We also publish a quarterly company newsletter, “Balparmaktan” (From Balparmak), which makes employee and departmental introductions, and shares the news and innovations that are happening at our company and in the sector with all our employees as well as with all our partner companies and organizations. In addition to this, we also organize intercommunication activities and celebratory events dedicated to employees at special times.
Occupational Health and Safety
Our company applies Occupational Health and Safety System requirements, which entails giving Occupational Health and Safety training to employees and issuing them the Occupational Health and Safety Handbook at the start of employment. Our occupational physician and occupational safety specialist are also available to our employees on certain days of the week.
Work Hours
The workweek for all employees at our company is 45 hours. Working hours for administrative personnel are Monday-Friday, 08:30-18:30. Different shift arrangements may also be in effect.
Employee Leave Times
Our company administers yearly paid vacation, marriage leave, maternity and breastfeeding leave, sick leave, bereavement leave, unpaid leave, and paternity leave according to Labor Law 4857 and as specified in the Guidelines for Administering Employee Leave Times.
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