Honey in Ancient Times

Honey which is the symbol of prosperity and abundance in ancient times was important notion of Ancient Rome and Halicarnassus where is known as Bodrum today.

Many writers who live in Ancient Rome period had refered honey and honey production process in their work.

Honey was also an important part of the Roman economy. So that, honey could replace gold in the currency exchange. Honey was as valuable as gold. Epicus who is known as "Roman Gourmet" wrote a series of recipe book. And more than half of these books was honey recipe.

Halicarnassus pine honey is an ancient heritage, an elixir which has reached to the present day from the times of the Carian civilisation. Pine Honey has been a sign of prosperity and well-being in the Aegean for centuries.

This precious honey was the secret behind Aphrodite’s beauty, Pythagoras's mathematical genius and the health of Hippocrates.