Lamb and Fruit Stew

Ingredients for six people:

600g of leg of lamb, bone in (divided into 8 pieces)

150g of fatty ground lamb

100g of dried apricots

100g of prunes

80g of sweet almonds

2 medium-sized firm and juicy apples

5 tablespoons of sour pomegranate sauce

2 tablespoons of honey

1 cup of water

¼ teaspoon of musk

1 teaspoon of starch

1 coffee mug of rose water

Salt to taste



1 – Prepare the sour pomegranate sauce and honey mixture. In a bowl, mix together one cup of warm water, 2 tablespoons of honey and 5 tablespoons of sour pomegranate sauce and stir until well blended.

2 – Clean the meat, put it in a saucepan, cover, and cook on medium heat until the juice and fat are released. After the juices come out, remove the cover and lightly fry it in its own fat.

3 – Add the sweet and sour mixture you prepared to the fried meat along with a pinch of salt. Cover the pot and cook the meat over low heat for 35-40 minutes. If the water gets low, you can add a tad of hot water.  

4 – Salt the ground lamb, knead, and make little meatballs.

5 – Place the almonds in hot water, wait 30 minutes, and then shell and halve them.

6 – Take the pits out of the prunes and divide them in two.

7 – When the meat begins to get soft, first add the meatballs and almonds to the pot, and then add the apricots and prunes 15 minutes later. Check the saltiness and slow cook for 20-25 minutes.

8 – When the apricots get soft, peel the apples, chop them into half moon slices of medium thickness and add them to the dish (The apples will stay intact if they remain on top of the meat). Close the lid and cook over low flame for about 20 minutes until the meat and fruit become soft, while periodically checking the water content.

9 – Before removing from flame, dissolve a tablespoon of starch in a little bit of rose water and add to the pot to thicken the juice. Bring to a boil and turn off the flame.

10 – Dissolve a pinhead size amount of musk in the remaining rose water and add to the dish. Give it another stir, taking care not to damage the fruit, and dish onto on a serving plate.