Wellness Through Bees - Apitherapy

“Apitherapy” is the general name given to the medicinal application of bee products.


Honey is a dense, durable, and highly nutritious food product that bees make by collecting nectar, mixing it with various enzymes they secrete from their bodies, and storing it in honeycomb cells. Nowadays honey is universally known for its taste-enhancing properties as well as its nutritional value.


Royal jelly

Royal jelly, which is secreted by worker bees to nourish queen bees and larvae, is one of the most important nutrients for function.

Bee pollen 

Bees collect pollen, the reproductive cells of plants released from flowers and cones, and add enzymes to it.  They use pollen in the hive to nourish the brood as well as the young worker bees that excrete royal jelly.


Bees gather this resinous substance from the leaves, branches, and buds of plants. They use it to disinfect as well as to insolate the hive, and to strengthen the honeycomb. In addition to its main component of plant resin, propolis also contains important substances such as beeswax, fatty acids, essential oils, phenolic compounds, pollen, vitamins, and minerals. Propolis offers the body immune system support.