Balparmak Meadows and Plains Blossom Honey 225 g

15.20 TL

Trace your honey!

It is now very easy to view the analysis report and flower origins of each Balparmak honey jar you buy. Just scan the QR code on the label with your smart phone, and there you are!

If you wish, you may test it with the code on the screen.
  • Features
  • Balparmak Meadows and Plains Blossom Honey is gathered from rich meadows and plains at elevations up to 750 meters.

    All our customers have to do is make room on their dining table for a 225 g Jar of Balparmak Meadows and Plains Blossom Honey!

  • Balparmak Meadows and Plains Blossom Honey 225 g

    Honey and Fruits Güllaç

    4 person


    4 güllaç phyllos

    3 tablespoons of Balparmak Honey

    200 g raspberry (fresh of frozen)

    3 cups of milk

    1 tablespoon of rose water

    For Service

    40 g  of raspberry

    1 tablespoon of Balparmak Honey


    Boil the milk in a pot. Add rose water and Balparmak honey. Cut the güllaç phyllos with scissors in the size of the plate where you will servet hem and cut 8 equal groups. Take 1 of the güllaç phyllos and soften it by pouring a mixture of boiled milk and honey on a tray and place it in te presentation bowl. Line up 50 g raspberry when the first group is finished, and apply the same procedures to the second phyllo and finish the first güllaç and put the remaining 3 güllaç in the fridge in the same way and rest for about 3 hours.

    Presentation or suggestion

    Decorate güllaç with raspberries and serve with a Balparmak Honey.

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