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Membership Agreement and Privacy and Security Policy



About Membership

All you need to do to be a member of our store is go to our Membership page and fill out the relevant sections. It is very important that you fill out your member information completely and accurately to avoid communication and access problems. Please fill out the form carefully and completely to ensure quick and easy access to our products and services.


Becoming a member is a pretty simple and quick process. Being a member does not mean you are under any obligation. However, you should carefully read the sales agreement before making any purchases. You have the right to terminate your membership whenever you wish.


Cancelling Membership


Members have the right to terminate their membership whenever they want. After you terminate your membership, all your ties to our site will be cut. To terminate your membership, you must send your request through our contact information page after logging on. 


Membership Cannot be Cancelled under the Following Circumstances:


1 – If the member has not waited 60 days from the last order.

2 – If the request to cancel membership was made using a different email address.

3 – If the member cannot be reached through the information on file.


We May Cancel Membership Under the Following Circumstances:


1 – If the member sends offensive messages or writes offensive reviews.

2 – If the member engages in illegal activities.

3 – If the member engages in activities meant to harm the site or our company and brand.


Member Security

We take every precaution in our store to ensure member security. Along with the precautions we take, you are also responsible for the security of your member information. Do not share the information you use to log into our store with anyone else, and do not log into the system from a computer whose security you cannot verify. 

Different Address

There is a section where a member can enter a different address from the member’s own registered address when finalizing an order. You can use this address section when you are at a different address or when you are sending a gift to a friend. 

For example:  When you are temporarily at your company’s other office or when you are staying at a summerhouse. Or if you want your order sent to a friend but the invoice sent to you.


Product Reviews

All members can write product reviews. The more you share your information and experiences with other users, the more enjoyable and informed the shopping experience will be. Customer reviews will foster a more informed shopping environment, as they would be unbiased and based on experience. Things to pay attention to while writing a product review: Take care to write reviews that are within the bounds of general decency, and are respectful to other users and to the product’s producer. Reviews deemed inappropriate are deleted from the system.  




Privacy and Security of your Personal Data

None of the data you enter into our system to become a member will be shared with 3rd party companies or individuals. None of the personal data you enter through our site’s contact forms will be shared with 3rd party companies or individuals. Sometimes our site may send our customers and members sales information, information about new products, and promotional information. Our members can choose whether they want to receive this kind of information when they join, and they can change this choice later in the account information section after they sign in as members. Only you can access and change the information you supplied while signing up to be a member. When you keep your member login information secure, it will not be possible for others to access this information or change it.   




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