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Returns and Warranty Conditions



Warranty Conditions

All products unless otherwise stated are under warranty from the manufacturer. Definitely check the product during delivery so that the warranty conditions may be valid. If you see any damage, file a report and do not accept the delivery. The warranty is void if changes are made to the product, the product is deformed, or the product’s original design is damaged.


Product Returns Conditions

The BUYER may refuse the goods and exercise the write of withdrawal from the agreement without incurring legal and criminal responsible and without giving any reason within 14 (fourteen) days from the date the product (Concert and Event Tickets Not Included) was delivered to the BUYER or to the person/corporation at the address shown. For distance contracts pertaining to the rendering of services, however, this period begins on the day the contract is signed. Before the right of withdrawal period expires, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in service agreements in which the services have already begun to be rendered with the consumers consent. The expenses arising from the use of the right of withdrawal are covered by the SELLER.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, a written notification must be sent to the SELLER by fax, email, or registered certified mail within a period of 14 days, and the product must be unused and its packaging unopened. In the event that this right is exercised:

 a) The invoice of the product delivered to a 3rd party or to the BUYER, (If the product invoice requested to be returned is corporate, it must be sent with a return invoice prepared by the corporation. In the event that the RETURN INVOICE is not issued, order returns with an invoice prepared on behalf of corporations will not be completed)

 b) Returned products must be delivered, along with their boxes, packaging, and if applicable, their standard accessories, intact and undamaged.

c)The SELLER is responsible for refunding the full price and returning the documents that bind the buyer to the BUYER within 10 days at the latest from when he/she received the withdrawal notification, and is responsible for accepting the returned goods within a 20-day period.

d)If for some reason arising from the fault of the BUYER the good has decreased in value or has become impossible to return, the BUYER is responsible for compensating the SELLER for the damages.

e)In the event that the price of the product falls below the campaign limit amount set by the SELLER due to the right of withdrawal, the amount of the discount benefited from the campaign will be canceled.

f) Since it is by right to withdrawal, the shipping cost will be covered by the SELLER on domestic orders and by the BUYER on international orders.

g)The SELLER will not return the shipping fees collected from the BUYER at the time the product was purchased.

Products for Which the Right of Withdrawal May Not Be Used:


The return of food, sound and video recordings, software programs and computer equipment is not possible according to Regulations if the goods were prepared to the BUYER’s specifications or clearly based on the BUYER’s personal needs, if the goods’ features make it unsuitable to send back, and it is at risk of quickly spoiling, or its expiration date has the potential to expire, and if the packaging has been opened by the BUYER.  

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