Balparmak Blossom Honey From Kayseri 460 g

Glass Jar
39.90 TL

Trace your honey!

It is now very easy to view the analysis report and flower origins of each Balparmak honey jar you buy. Just scan the QR code on the label with your smart phone, and there you are!

If you wish, you may test it with the code on the screen.
  • Features
  • Blossom Honey from Kayseri is a delight at any time of day with hints of raisin, apricot, peach and cinnamon.

    About 2000 plants, 400 of which are endemic, grow in Kayseri, which is home to the major vegetation areas of Mount Erciyes and the Sultan Marshes. The honey Balparmak expertly collects from these plants brings to your palate a burst of pure flavor.

  • You may spread cream or butter on bread and then sweeten it with Balparmak Kayseri Blossom Honey at your breakfast.
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