Hot Honey Drinks

Honey increases the antioxidant power of tea

A study conducted under the direction of Dr. Ahmet Aydın and Dr. Erdem Yeşilada at Yeditepe University’s Pharmaceutical School, examined the increase in the antioxidant properties of black tea and herbal tea when honey was added. According to the results of the study, sweetening herbal teas with honey increased their antioxidant value 60 times. Honey also increased the antioxidant power of black tea by a factor of 4.  

Dr. Erdem Yeşilada, who interpreted the research findings, emphasized that the use of honey, with its antioxidant properties, in black tea and herbal teas was important for healthy living. Dr. Yeşilada also pointed out that each of the herbal teas, which are one of the oldest known health remedies, were transformed into a powerful antioxidant through the addition of honey.  “In the research we did, we measured in detail the interaction of honey with tea alone,” he said. “We examined the changes in antioxidant power by adding flower honey and pine honey to a total of 9 different herbal teas including lemon balm, sage, linden, and green tea.  We observed that while the addition of honey to green, white and black teas, which are known for their high antioxidant levels, triples and quadruples their antioxidant effect, the addition of honey to linden tea increases its antioxidant effect 60 fold. We saw in the results of our analyses a high incidence of increase in the phenolic substance content and antioxidant effect of every specimen of herbal tea to which honey was added. Our research was carried out with specimens to which a normal tea making process was applied, and the results revealed that the beneficial effect of honey was not lost even when honey was added to hot tea.”